Ice Palace MAZE

Constructed with over 1500 ice blocks, this 114’ x 72’ Ice Palace MAZE is a safe outdoor family winter event. The 8′ high crenelated  perimeter wall surrounds and keeps secret the 1/2 mile of twisty passages inside! When you finally conquer the maze you can choose to ride the 36’ ICE SLIDE – fun for kids of ALL ages!

(P.S. Parents: Kids can ride the slide each time they traverse the maze!)

Come be a part of the celebration of the new year and all the festivities Stillwater has to offer. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW – we are limiting visitors to 100 per hour, and tickets are selling fast! Don’t get frozen out – ORDER NOW!

Visit the ICE-BAR! Take a photo in front of the palace walls, enjoy a s’more, view ice sculptures, and if you’re really lucky you might get to meet Elsa as she drops in for a visit on her way to her own Ice Palace on the North Mountain!


To order by phone, call

Stillwater Zephyr Theatre Customer Service



The Zephyr Theatre Outdoor Stage
601 Main Street N
Stillwater, MN 55082